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Easily turn unused domains into money.

Flexible selling options. The largest number of buyers worldwide. Individual service. Sedo is the perfect partner for turning unused domains into money – quickly, and at the best market prices.

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The benefits

  • The largest number of interested buyers worldwide: Every second domain sale is managed by Sedo
  • Two selling options to choose from: Buy Now or Make Offer
  • The lowest fees in the industry: Starting at 10% commission for a successful sale
  • Free Transfer Service included.
  • Maximum coverage with more than 650 international partners via SedoMLS

Two selling options. Maximum flexibility

List your domains for free

Faster sales at fixed prices

Do you want to turn your domain into money quickly? Then list it on our global marketplace with a Buy Now price. Buy Now domains are sold up to 3 times more quickly than domains whose price must first be negotiated.

  • 3 times faster selling speed due to the option to purchase immediately
  • Free Transfer Service included
  • Only with a Buy Now price: Additional exposure through our SedoMLS registrar partners
  • List domains for free
  • Commission fees start at 10% if domain name is sold successfully

List your domain with a Buy Now price

List your domains for free

Negotiate the price of your domain

Would you like to negotiate the best price for your domain? The "Make Offer" option sends a signal to potential buyers that you are interested in receiving offers. You can start negotiating with the interested party and agree on a selling price as soon as an offer is received.

  • Direct price negotiation with interested buyers
  • Free Transfer Service included
  • Listing domains is always free
  • A mere 15% commission if sold successfully
  • Add domains to our marketplace for free

List your domain as Make Offer

"After selling my domain on Sedo, the sales price was paid to me without any difficulties. I found the transfer process to be highly professional.


Thanks to the SedoMLS partner network, my domains were not only listed with Sedo, but also with othing hosting providers. This allowed my domains to reach an even greater range of prospective buyers.


"The negotiations for by Sedo's brokers resulted in a fair price for both parties. The domain was successfully transferred within 24 hours."



Create a customer account

Register with our marketplace for free. You can offer your own domains for sale as soon as your personal customer account is activated.

List your domains

Add one or more domains to your customer account. Now all you need to do is set the purchase option and price. Your domains will immediately appear on our worldwide domain marketplace.

Sedo will handle the rest

As soon as your domain is sold, our free Transfer Service comes into play. Following payment, we transfer the domain to the buyer's ownership.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You will find the most frequently asked questions about selling domains here:

  1. How do I list domains as Buy Now?
  2. What are the requirements for participation in SedoMLS Premium?
  3. How long is my offer legally binding?

Additional questions & answers

Personal service for your domain sales

We tell you what your domain is worth.

Domain Appraisal

Our experts will create an individual appraisal of your domain's value.

Domain Promotion

More exposure and more sales through more than 650 Sedo partners worldwide.

Do you already have a buyer?

Domain Transfer

Security even when agreements are reached outside of our marketplace.

Domain Parking

Parked domains receive twice as many bids as unparked domains