Member Certification Statement:

  • I have read and accept Sedo's terms and conditions.
  • The contact details in my Sedo account are correct.
  • I agree to purchase domains and sell domains for which an agreement has been reached according to Sedo's terms and conditions.
  • I agree to perform all due diligence and research on domains I am interested in purchasing before submitting a binding offer.
  • I understand that should I fail to meet my obligations in an agreement to purchase or sell a domain the other party may pursue legal action.
  • I agree to follow Sedo's negotiation comment guidelines, including rules against including contact information, outside links and/or insincere or offensive remarks.
  • I have read and accept Sedo's Rules for Domain Parkers and understand Sedo's domain parking programme is available for natural traffic only.
  • I agree to list in my Sedo account, only domains which I own or have the right to manage.