Would you like to add more than 200 domains?

If you would like to list more than 200 domains for sale and/or to park at Sedo, then we would like to offer you our comfort service. All you have to do is fill out the Sedo Excel template and then send it as an attachment to us. Everything else will be taken care for you by your professional Sedo team. However, please note the following steps while filling out the Sedo Excel template:

Open file, update or synchronize

Open the Excel sheet and enter your Sedo login name. If you do not have access to MS Excel, then we recommend using a free program such as Open Office or Star Office.

Now choose one of the following options: Update or Synchronize


Tip: More information regarding the options can be found within the Excel sheet.

Enter the new domains

Enter the new domains with your preferred settings in the Excel document. Additional information regarding the columns in the Excel sheet will be viewable when you move the cursor over each column. It is not necessary to complete all the fields provided, but please make sure the domain and price are included.

Use the Office Assistant

When entering values in any of the spaces provided, the office assistant is listed with valuable information. Please pay attention to any error messages provided by the office assistant.

Save and send file

As soon as your Excel document shows your preferred domain settings, save the document on your hard drive, and submit it via the ‘Ask a Question’ page in Sedo’s Customer Support Center. We will then add the domains and you can access them from your password-protected account.