Everyone's a winner baby! We all love to win and with a .WIN domain name you will be doing exactly that. It's short, it's clear and with a .WIN web-address you can't help but feel like a Winner.

Sunrise Launch Schedule

Sunrise phase opens: 15:00 UTC Thursday 4th June 2015

Sunrise phase closes: 15:00 UTC Monday 3rd August 2015

For the .Win

Playing sports and other games is one our favourite hobbies as a social or competitive way to pass the time. For many of us, our natural competitive streak means that winning heightens the game playing pleasure immensely, and it can evoke the passion that makes us all feel more alive. Some games, such as board games may be played socially, with family members and friends, for fun; other games can be played as part of international competition, and sometimes for high stakes.

Playing games competitively has always been a good way of bringing people together in friendly rivalry, and through the Internet modern gaming continues to do this in a virtual setting to a far greater degree than ever previously imagined.

Owning a .WIN web address will provide a memorable point of focus for sports fans, video gamers, board gamers and those partial to games of chance. A .WIN web address will help drive the right kind of traffic to your websites increasing throughput and driving online revenues.

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