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Domains have become an integral part of online marketing. And that certainly does not just apply to companies who conduct the bulk of their business on the internet. Here, we present Sedo customers and their domains from all over the world.


    Rolf Larsen, CEO

    "I believe that buying an ultra premium domain name is much like buying a company. Good and direct transparent communication, being respectful and no low balls are often needed for a deal to happen. The acquisition of with the support of Sedo's Domain Broker went like a clockwork, and much like I hoped for when first contacting Sedo for the acquisition of"

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  • IONOS - Case study


    Claudia Frese, Chief Brand Officer

    "When we launched our new IONOS brand as part of the large-scale rebranding of 1&1 Webhosting, we had to secure mutliple domain names under the most revelant  top-level domains. And we needed to achieve this quickly while remaining confidential. That's why we turned to Sedo and were more than satisfied with the results: Within a very short time, Sedo's domain broker was able to contact the owners of the domains we were seeking, conduct successful negotiations and thus procure all of the crucial domains for our international web presence."

  • GETAROOM - Case study


    Dave Litman, Managing director

    "We are very happy with our purchase of the GETAROOM.COM domain. The name is incomparable, unique, and easy to remember. We also invested in advertising to make our company known on the market, but many customers find us directly due to our descriptive domain."

  • - Case study

    Rolf Larsen, CEO

    "This particular domain is unique to the service I plan to launch. People can immediately identify what type of service is behind such a name. Sedo was instrumental in structuring the legal framework and installment plan for this deal. I had no doubts this would go as smoothly as it did."

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  • NAYOKI - Case study


    André Soulier, CEO

    "We were looking for a suitable domain for one of our customers for a project in the photo shoot sector. We found what we were looking for at Sedo and were provided with extensive support. Our customer is very happy with the FOTOSHOOTING.COM address."

  • KICK - Case study


    Lars Nierfeld, Managing Director

    "Our former address no longer met the requirements of our marketing strategy: the address was too long and difficult to remember. With KIK.DE we wanted a short and catchy name. Sedo encouraged us with this and handled the negotiations."

Case Studies: The perfect domain for each of our customers - Premium domains provide instant authority

Businessman and domainer, Graham Haynes purchased complimenting his 2009 purchase of The goal of this purchase is to capitalize on the domain’s authority within online search results.

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HubSpot: more awareness thanks to smart domain marketing

Dharmesh Shah is not only the co-founder and CTO of globally known What began as an internal slide deck, quickly transformed into a widely-viewed interactive platform for a company’s unique culture. With, HubSpot proved how a domain can be successful at sharing an important idea. And Sedo’s brokerage service was instrumental in making this domain purchase a reality – in only a day’s time!

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"The domain name gives us an immediate presence in the online logo design space. Our primary goal is to provide small business customers with affordable, high quality logo designs that help them successfully establish their company's identity."

Alan Townsend
Co-founder,, LLC

Download case study – it doesn't always have to be .com

The right domain suffix for confidence and seriousness in the coffee industry – It was clear to William McClure that he didn't necessarily need a .com address. Instead, he followed the sound advice of the Sedo experts and selected a much less expensive .org domain. And he was right: His domain is one of the most important components of his company's success.


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