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OC Online Casino ( App ) OC Optical Carrier OC Orange County (California; New York) OC Over Clock (computer CPU) OC Of Course OC Orange County (TV show) OC Oklahoma Christian University OC Ocean City, MD OC Ocean City OC Open Carry (firearm possession) OC Original Character (fanfiction new, made-up character) OC OxyContin (prescription drug; aka Oxys) OC Out of Control OC Odessa College (Odessa, Texas) OC Open Circuit (SCUBA and electronics) OC On Center OC Online Community OC Original Content OC Organic Carbon OC On Camera OC Obsessive-Compulsive OC Oral Contraceptive OC Off Camera (cinematography) OC Organized Crime OC Oleoresin Capsicum (active ingredient in pepper spray) OC Oregon City (Oregon) OC Oberlin College (Oberlin, Ohio) OC Overcoat OC Oregon Coast OC On Course OC Order of Canada OC Oak Cliff (Dallas neighborhood) OC Oliver Cromwell OC Oral Communication OC Other Character OC Officer Commanding OC Operating Cost OC Oversight Committee OC Office of Communications OC Overcurrent OC Operating Company OC Optical Communications OC Officer in Command OC Old Chinese (language of pre 400BC) OC OpenCup (online tournament) OC Organochlorine OC Object Class OC Open Collector (electronics, transistors) OC Office of Compliance (US FDA) OC Officer of the Order of Canada OC Old Chap (ham radio shorthand) OC Ottawa-Carleton OC Optical Channel OC Operational Control OC Open Content OC Operating Characteristic OC Office of the Commissioner OC Open Canvas (art program) OC Office of the Comptroller OC Oakland City (Indiana College) OC Operational Capability OC Operation Center OC Officer Candidate OC Operator Console OC Old Covenant (biblical law) OC Operant Conditioning (a training technique) OC Opposing Counsel (legal notation) OC Outside Corner (measuring in construction) OC Operating Committee OC Ondes Courtes (French: shortwave) OC Orlando Cabrera (baseball player) OC Obstetric Cholestasis OC Oxnard College (Oxnard, CA) OC Over Crowded OC Output Compare OC Observer Controller OC Open Computing OC Oceanic Crust OC Operation Class OC Output Coupler (optics, lasers) OC Ocean Conservancy OC Operations Coordinator OC Offering Circular OC Oracle Clinical OC Oakwood College (Alabama) OC Oglethorpe County (Georgia) OC Optical Colonoscopy OC On-scene Commander OC Operations Controller OC Overture Center (performing arts) OC Output Check OC Out Calls OC Organisme Certificateur OC Out Cast (gaming clan) OC One Communications, Inc. OC Occupancy Certificate (residential license) OC Christian O'Connell (radio personality; UK) OC Octopus Card (Hong Kong smart payment card) OC Operating Curve OC Organisme Conventionné (French: Accredited Body) OC Operation Channel OC Outdoors Center (Texas A&M) OC Outside Circumference OC Over-Crossing OC Ordinary Cadet OC Orientation Counselor OC Operation Context OC Oxygen Cutting OC Opere Citato (Latin: In the Work Cited) OC Operator Centralization OC Organizational Committee of ACC OC Odin's Court (rock and metal band) OC Ormiston College OC Ordres Courants (French: current orders) OC Oudste Categorie (Dutch) OC Officer's Cook OC Organizadora de Comercio (Spanish; Guatemala) OC Otaku Convention (Japanese film festival) OC Ordnance Controller OC Office and Communication Module OC Outside Contracting/Contractor OC Order of the Carmelites (religious order) OC Outage Continuing OC Outer Chuck OC Operational Concept/Operating Concept OC Open Within Memory Cell OC Office Coordinator (administrative position) OC Omnipotent Carnage (gaming clan) OC Owl City (band) OC Orange Crush

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  • Active since 2006


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