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ʬʬʬ.com * xn--5paaa.com ** HIGH UNIQUE, SUPER PREMIUM .com - IDN * for sale at SEDO / EBAY / DIRECT ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ This HIGH UNIQUE, SUPER PREMIUM .com - IDN is surely one of the coolest IDN's ever. ʬʬʬ = xn--5paaa ʬʬʬ = looks like a perfect double row of "www" ("world wide web") ʬʬʬ = 3 x ʬ The symbol "ʬ" at WIKTIONARY https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ʬ +++ OFFERED DOMAIN (IDN) ʬʬʬ.com * http://www.ʬʬʬ.com * = xn--5paaa.com http://www.xn--5paaa.com This HIGH UNIQUE, SUPER PREMIUM .com - IDN is supported by Microsoft's browser "EDGE". This means, that you will see it in MICROSOFT’s browser "EDGE" indeed as "http://www.ʬʬʬ.com" and not as its puny code - version "http://www.xn--5paaa.com". +++ BUY IT NOW PRICE ONLY 9.999,00 EUR *** Get it immediately for the stated BIN price or make your offer *** to start the negotiation. You can buy it / make your offer *** either at SEDO / EBAY or DIRECT. SEDO https://sedo.com/search/details/?domain=ʬʬʬ.com = https://sedo.com/search/details/?domain=xn--5paaa.com EBAY https://www.ebay.com/itm/152895252379 DIRECT Contact the owner via email (visit the domains's website to learn more) to buy it now direct from him / to send him your offer. BUY IT BEFORE IT IS SOLD * IDN (Internationalized Domain Name). The "ʬʬʬ" * of this domain (IDN) is the result of 3 x the symbol "ʬ". Because there is no "ʬ" symbol on the keyboard, you have to MARK + COPY it and PASTE it (3 times) into your browsers URL - bar (+ type ".com"). ** Punycode - version of this IDN. *** Negotiable / minimum bid ONLY 4.999,00 EUR +++ WHOIS https://whois.icann.org/en/lookup?name=ʬʬʬ.com +++ 2018 © http://www.ʬʬʬ.com (http://www.xn--5paaa.com) All rights reserved. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ALSO FOR SALE at SEDO / EBAY / DIRECT: ʍʍʍ.com * http://www.ʍʍʍ.com * = xn--9oaaa.com ** http://www.xn--9oaaa.com * HIGH UNIQUE, SUPER PREMIUM .com - IDN * for sale at SEDO / EBAY / DIRECT ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ This HIGH UNIQUE, SUPER PREMIUM .com - IDN * is surely one of the coolest IDN's ever. * IDN (Internationalized Domain Name). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ▲ THE MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN OF ALL TIME toptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptop.top /// TRY TO BUY AT SEDO Price | HIGHER THAN ANY OTHER DOMAIN PRICE, NEGOTIABLE, USD Minimum bid | ONLY 100.00 USD MAKE YOUR BIDs NOW If you won't receive a counter bid within 24 h, then simply make another bid. And so on, maybe you will receive a counter bid one day. +++ ABOUT This domain is the K.ILLUMINATI.DOMAIN http://www.killuminatidomain.top which is created / offered by DOMAIN.K.ILLUMINATI http://www.domainkilluminati.top as a symbol against all evil. +++ TECHNICAL FACTS This domain * * * includes the highest possible number of the highest possible superlative in it's domain name * - exactly 21 times 'top'. At the same time it's domain name * consist of the highest possible number of characters a domain name * can consist of - exactly 63 characters. And then this domain * * * ends with the highest possible .tld * * , the .tld * * '.top' ('dot top'). 'top' = 3 characters 21 x 'top' / 3 characters = 63 characters 63 characters = highest possible number of characters a domain name * can consist of * domain name = The part at the left side of the dot from the .tld * * . * * .tld = '. top level domain', the part at the right side of / inclusive it's dot. * * * domain = Both parts (domain name + .tld), the whole web address. Sheme / example: domainname.tld = domain Those facts are resulting in the ultimate fact that no other domain can top this domain - this domain is the highest possible domain / website / status in the www and this is the reason why this domain is the most expensive domain of all time. So it's price, USD, is higher than any other domain price - although it's minimum bid is only 100.00 USD which means that the price is highly negotiable. You can try to buy it at Sedo, visit Sedo's offerpage to see the current number of / to make your bid/s. +++ SEDO EN https://sedo.com/search/details/?language=en&domain=toptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptop.top 中国 https://sedo.com/search/details/?language=cn&domain=toptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptop.top DE https://sedo.com/search/details/?language=d&domain=toptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptop.top العربية . RU . +++ WEBSITE + FORWARDING DOMAINS EN http://www.toptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptop.top + http://www.themostexpensivedomainofalltime.top http://www.tmedoat.top 中国 http://www.toptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptop.top/cn + http://www.zuiangguideyudesuoyoushijian.top http://www.zadydss.top DE http://www.toptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptop.top/de + http://www.dieteuerstedomainallerzeiten.top http://www.dtdaz.top العربية http://www.toptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptop.top/sa + http://www.almajaluaghlaaminkulliwaqt.top http://www.amamkw.top RU http://www.toptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptop.top/ru + http://www.samyedorogiedomenvsevremja.top http://www.sddvv.top +++ WEB CHANNELS Google+ EN https://plus.google.com/+themostexpensivedomainofalltime 中国 https://plus.google.com/+zuiangguideyudesuoyoushijian DE https://plus.google.com/+dieteuerstedomainallerzeiten العربية https://plus.google.com/+almajaluaghlaaminkulliwaqt RU https://plus.google.com/+samyedorogiedomenvsevremja Facebook EN https://www.facebook.com/themostexpensivedomainofalltime 中国 https://www.facebook.com/zuiangguideyudesuoyoushijian DE https://www.facebook.com/dieteuerstedomainallerzeiten العربية https://www.facebook.com/almajaluaghlaaminkulliwaqt RU https://www.facebook.com/samyedorogiedomenvsevremja Twitter EN https://www.twitter.com/tmedoattop 中国 https://www.twitter.com/zadydsstop DE https://www.twitter.com/dtdaztop العربية https://www.twitter.com/amamkwtop RU https://www.twitter.com/sddvvtop YouTube EN https://www.youtube.com/themostexpensivedomainofalltime 中国 https://www.youtube.com/zuiangguideyudesuoyoushijian DE https://www.youtube.com/dieteuerstedomainallerzeiten العربية https://www.youtube.com/almajaluaghlaaminkulliwaqt RU https://www.youtube.com/samyedorogiedomenvsevremja +++ This domain is offered via Sedo in courtesy of HIGHEST.DOMAINS ▴▲▴ HIGHEST.DOMAINS THE MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAINS OF ALL TIME Website http://highest.domains +++ ▲ | THE MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN OF ALL TIME | toptoptop... ...top.top /// TRY TO BUY AT SEDO 2015 - 2018 © All rights reserved. .

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  • Austria
  • Required to pay VAT
  • Active since 2012

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