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x stands for values in the Internet of Things (IoT) x is a placeholder for anything - like "Mr. X" x is the most used variable name - as in "f(x)=sin(x)" x is the mark when you vote x is the mark of a location on a map x is also a crossing like ped xing x is the center of something x is the place where people meet x.at is the shortest possible domain name ( perfect as URL shortener - even shorter than goo.gl or fb.me) x.at can ideally be used in QR code campaigns x.at is very unique and easy to remember at stands for the AT mark - which basically stand for the Internet at is not only used in Austria because it is very useful elsewhere Be sure to check also my other domains for sale like ö.at (!!) and several others using the link to my portfolio. DO NOT HESITATE TO PLACE YOUR BID NOW FOR THIS UNIQUE DOMAIN. IF ITS GONE ITS GONE.

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  • Active since 2011

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