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This domain is clean, 18 years old (2000). Domain Authority (DA) 27 Page Authority (PA) 25 Total Backlinks 356 MozRank 6/10 It has a current Statchest valuation of $347,060.00 https://www.statchest.com/wildlifeprotection.net.html Price comparison; - WildlifeProtection.Com is currently for sale at $199,888.00 having a current Statchest Valuation of only $617 - WildlifeProtection.Org is currently for sale at $49,888.00 having a current Stachest Valuation of only $575 My domain knocks both of these domains out of the park in; 1) Domain Valuation 2) Domain Authority 3) Age 4) And where it matters the most, price. This domain is the obvious choice of the 3. I will entertain offers. It's my personal opinion that domain owners ask way too much for their domains. Therefore I'm listing all of my domains at a min $100 offer and I'm looking to offer you a great domain at a great price if you are interested! Checkout my other valuable domains; - AMSY.ORG ($1,700 Estibot Valuation) - ANZY.ORG ($1,400 Estibot Valuation) - BEKY.ORG ($1,100 Estibot Valuation) - BINODAL.COM ($510 Estibot Valuation) - EVERETTE.NET ($1,400 Estibot Valuation) - CHESTRUBS.COM ($660 Estibot Valuation) - COOLEXOTICS.COM ($9,954 Statchest Valuation) - DOMAINSFOUND.COM ($430 Estibot Valuation) - DOMESTICABUSE.NET ($1,200 Estibot Valuation) - ENDU.ORG ($1,600 Estibot Valuation) - HALIDE.NET ($1,800 Estibot Valuation) - ITCY.ORG ($1,700 Estibot Valuation) - ONEWORLDPROMOTION.COM ($403,230 Statchest Valuation) - ONLINEMUSICSEARCH.COM ($2,600 Estibot Valuation) - SEARCHMUSICONLINE.COM ($2,400 Estibot, $2,690 Statchest) - SEARCHMOVIESONLINE.COM ($2,000 Estibot Valuation) - SUMZ.ORG ($1,600 Estibot Valuation) - SZON.ORG ($2,800 Estibot Valuation) - THAGOO.COM ($860 Estibot, $5,790 Statchest Valuations) - WILDLIFEPROTECTION.NET ($347,060 Statchest Valuation) - YOUNGASIANTEEN.COM ($205,899 Statchest Valuation) - SKISLC.COM - V8DR.COM - V8ED.COM

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