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1.) Why is x better than any other character? Because it is more versatile: x stands for values in the Internet of Things (IoT) x is a placeholder for anything unknown/mystic - like "Mr. X" x is the most used variable name - as in "f(x)=sin(x)" x is the mark when you vote x is the mark when you play the lottery x is the mark of a location on a map x is the mark to say yes on multiple choice forms x is also a crossing like used in ped xing x is the center of something x is the symbol of the exit button in several operating systems x is within the 7 Bit ASCII alphabet and therefore trouble free x is compatible with every internet capable keyboard worldwide x also stands for a kiss like in XOXO (kisses and hugs) x is part of the kiss smiley written as :-x x can be used as ex- like in xtreme, xpensive, xpress, xploit x is also used in Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy X, Sony Xperia X x is the model of BMW's successful SUV car series X1-X7 x is used in brand new app names like Telegram X x is main part of X-rays, X-Factor, Terra X, Generation X, X-Men, XLarge ... and the list goes on and on and on - but you got the idea 2.) But - isn't .at for austria? at can be used generic similar to .tv (Tuvalu Islands) and .io (Indian Ocean) at is not geographically limited at stands for the AT mark - which symbolizes the internet like nothing else at domains can be easily registered by anyone - no local business needed 3.) And what else is about x.at as the complete domain? x.at is the shortest possible domain name x.at is very unique and easy to remember x.at as a URL shortener is even shorter than goo.gl or fb.me x.at can ideally be used in QR code campaigns SUMMARY: x.at combines in the SHORTEST possible way the MOST versatile single character "x" with the "at mark" being the ULTIMATE symbol for the internet. DO NOT HESITATE TO PLACE YOUR BID NOW FOR THIS UNIQUE DOMAIN. IF IT'S GONE IT'S GONE. ---------- Please also check my other domains for sale like ö.at (!!) and several others using the link to my portfolio.

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