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Description ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ HIGH END ULTRA PREMIUM „.cash“ - DOMAIN NAME The perfect „trash / cash“ - domain name, 100 %, worldwide. This HIGH END ULTRA PREMIUM „.cash“ - DOMAIN NAME reflects undoubtedly the only possibility, how a domain name, that should not contain any words other than „trash“ and „cash“ in that order, has to be created. It is 100 % the only real because final solution how such a domain name has to look like, there is simply no additional (unnecessary) extension (TLD „.com“ / „.net“ / „.org“ / ...) after the pure „left.right“ - combination needed. Just „left.right“, just „keyword.keyword“, just perfect - simply the most modern way for a web address. You can either BUY IT NOW or you can MAKE YOUR BID to negotiate another price. However, the main thing is to BUY IT BEFORE IT IS SOLD. PRICE 1,000,000.00 (one million) USD You can buy this HIGH END ULTRA PREMIUM „.cash“ - DOMAIN NAME immediately for the stated BUY IT NOW - PRICE. Alternatively you can MAKE YOUR OFFER to see if the owner is willing to sell it for your offer (or another price), you will receive an answer (acceptance of your offer or receiving a counter - offer) within 72 hours. In case of a price - negotiation, it is important to understand that if you actively break up the price - negotiation, you will not longer be able to make any offer again. Every (counter -) offer is binding for 7 days and can either be accepted / counterd / ignored from each of both sides. On the other side, to not break up the negotiation means you will let you continue with the negotiation whenever you like. WIKTIONARY about the generic ... ... term „trash“: ... symbol „.“: ... term „cash“: This HIGH END ULTRA PREMIUM „.cash“ - DOMAIN NAME forwards automatically to its (this) SEDO - offerpage. SEDO - offerpage (this site) The current number of the displayed offerpage - views (visits = „traffic“) you can see on this HIGH END ULTRA PREMIUM „.cash“ - DOMAIN NAME‘s SEDO - offerpage refers to a monthly base and gets updated daily. Therefore you always see the current number of views (visits = „traffic“) of the current month. The buyer of this HIGH END ULTRA PREMIUM „.cash“ - DOMAIN NAME will get it without any content(s) (website(s) etc.) / service(s) (webhosting(s) etc.). This HIGH END ULTRA PREMIUM „.cash“ - DOMAIN NAME is privately owned and privately offered. The payment / domain name - transfer happens through SEDO. As this is a digital product, revoke / return / exchange / guarantee is excluded. This HIGH END ULTRA PREMIUM „.cash“ - DOMAIN NAME is fully independent from (and has nothing to do with) any (other) possible person(s) / famil(y)/(ies) / group(s) / organization(s) / foundation(s) / trademark(s) / compan(y)/(ies) / industr(y)/(ies) / domain name(s) / website(s) named „trash“ and / or „.“ and / or „cash“ and / or similar and / or other. © 2020 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ HIGH END ULTRA PREMIUM „.cash“ - DOMAIN NAME The perfect „trash / cash“ - domain name, 100 %, worldwide. All rights reserved. .

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  • Austria
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  • Active since 2012

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