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some .io domain sales recently 40.000 USD 30,000 USD 30,000 USD 60,000 USD 45,000 USD “Digital” word has wide area of use. So there is wide area of opportunities… About A very rare generic premium domain… When you write “io” as “IO” ıt looks like “1” and “0” which means digital in electronics world. So this makes the word “digital” and “.IO” extension perfect combination. ( Digital Input and Output – cards etc.) One of the best domain for who are interested in digital currency or cryptocurrency. .io domains have recently become so popular with businesses, individuals, and shrewd domain investors…They’re short, sound good, and .io domains perform well in Google’s search results… if all those people who are investing time in a startup choose for .io then this must have a reason. Several reasons are mentioned on the web: – input/output – i and o next to each other on keyboard – 2 letters – Trust worthy UK – recognizable sound e.g rad/io, b/io etc I wanna add something to this list which is more an artistic intuitive feeling than a solid argument. The existing of so many fine crafted .io startups does influences the reputation of this extension. I don’t know if the market shares my feelings but I would describe them as: – pure – craftwork – friendly – simple – mobile proof – personal, personal, personal” Freddie Compier

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