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ABOUT US - INVESTING IN QUALITY DOMAINS SINCE 2003 We’re a Limited company, registered in the UK in 2003. We have been buying and selling domains on SEDO since 2003 and specialise in financial, insurance, legal and business domains. Sedo have provided an excellent transfer service with a dedicated team to make the transfer process smooth. They have real people you can talk to and an escrow service that protects both buyer and seller. We invest in quality descriptive domains and we also develop domains from our portfolio. This one is currently for sale. All our sales are for the domain name only (i.e. not for any content). Our domain sales usually range from as little as several hundred pounds up to many thousands of pounds, depending on the domain, the extension, and our view of its quality and any recent comparable sales we can find. Check on dnjournal.com for latest domain sales figures which are listed weekly. They also provide archive material on past sales. By all means make us an offer for a domain you like, and we’ll respond with our asking price, and any other info we feel might be useful. Whilst bidding you can also ask questions via Sedo’s comment facility and, if we are able to give an answer, then we’ll respond. Some of our domains are sometimes listed on 'Buy Now' fixed price offers. These ones will be first come, first served without the option to ask comments from the seller. But you could always raise a query with Sedo if there is something you need answering. Descriptive domains can be a great asset to a business if used wisely and developed well. Immediately the buyer knows what your business activities are, and often your geographic location. The domain may give extra prominence and kudos to your business. They’re also great in pay-per-click ad campaigns and help you stand out from the crowd. Why not speak to your Web designers or SEO experts to see whether this domain name could add value to your business.

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  • United Kingdom
  • Sujeito a cobrança do IVA
  • Ativo desde 2003

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Qualquer oferta enviada ficará vinculada por sete (7) dias.

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