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• Very rare domain name: Short Name Aged domain name! Massively brandable Abbreviation Of many words A truly extraodinary, unique domain And it has HUGE potential in almost any niche or industry! Easy To Remember Easy To Spell Easy To Use On Advertisement Good Name To Start Business Or Protect Your Business Traffic Is Good Limited Short Domain Names Available In The World • THE FUNDAMENTALS: When a domain reaches a certain level it\'s value becomes \"intangible\", a must-purchase, It\'s value enhanced by its uniqueness, authority and marketability, this domain is of that rare calibre. A viral, growing and viable brand - not simply a word - this domain is a global movement, But there are also very tangible reasons this is a true \"brand authority in a box\": this domain has massive traffic, direct marketing potential and \"pivot space\" for the savvy end-user. • This is reflected by the insane presence of this domain name on ALL current heavyweight Internet sites: Million or thousands result in google.com and other search engines. • Why This Domain, and why is it worth so much? This domain is one of the most memorable top level domain names. It is easily pronounced in multiple languages, is easily understood throughout the world, is easy to spell, is a real world expression, has multiple descriptive direct industry/space matches, has longevity, is unique, has millions of monthly general searches, and provides an A+++ retention level for people who hear the name. As you know, a burgeoning company’s online and offline brand awareness is critical for its success. Many experts agree that in the next three years, owning a powerful and memorable online brand will be much more important than SEO, SEM, or any other component of online search marketing. A simple, easy to use, and memorable domain name could very well become the single most important driver for your multi-million dollar business model. this domain , for the right business model, could help ensure that your customers build a long-term relationship with you, and your product and service as branding becomes even more critical in the online space. As Investment money has been pouring into new online business, it is important to note that many marketing experts have indicated that it is useless having an online business if no one can remember its name. Hence, this domain. this domain has unlimited possibilities, and can reach across multiple verticals. Whether you have the next Facebook, next Groupon, next TMZ, next Green or Solar Technology Company, next Wikipedia, or the next big new idea, this domain in the right hands canvirtually ensure your success. As countless multi-million dollar investments have recently been made in various online business, it is easy to see why many smart Investors and Entrepreneurs are seeking to protect their investment by seeking out a high level domain name for their flagship offering. It is the opinion of countless domaining experts throughout the world that a domain like this domain could potentially be the single most attractive and domineering top-level domain name available today. • THE VALUE TO YOU: If you are an Internet marketer, you will understand the direct marketing potential of this domain. If you are an entrepreneur you need to leverage this unique name and this domain in your market. If you are a domainer, you know that this will instantly become your most braggable asset. • THE VALUE TO YOUR MARKET: The domain naturally lends itself to music and other social and cultural industries (business,social/tech/video/fashion/games/etc). But this domain applies to any niche or industry - a chance for you to disrupt and change the world. At this point, the term of this domain is bigger than any one industry - a cultural concept which is truly mass market - but hasn\'t yet fully been defined by the right entrepreneur. It\'s versatility is reflected by its monstrous presence on all traffic sources. Got an innovative idea or product? Invest in this domain and show people you are moving with serious brand presence from day 1. This is the boost you need. Own a unique, rare and exciting authority domain name… Give your idea and business the leverage and brand recognition it deserves. • What is your reserve price? Revealing the reserve price is not within Sedo policies. Also, the reserve price is not that important as we may still sell the website to the highest bidder even if the reserve price is not met, as long as the bid is an acceptable offer. • How is the sale going to take place? We accept Sedo.com which is secure, It will protect both parties. • Why are we selling? This business has been very profitable. Due to having interest in new and much bigger ventures, I have decided to put this website for sale and invest the funds received from this sale in my new projects.

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