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Pack with 03 amazing internet domains MIX.TV + MIXTV.COM + MIXTV.US. I am selling these 03 domains together for only 1,000,000 USD, you can also make an alternative offer in this package starting at 750,000 USD. The entire sales process will be done safely through the intermediation of the SEDO.COM platform. With the arrival of 5G and StarLink, which is Elon Musk\\\'s satellite internet, along with the increase in internet speed around the world, a revolution in the way of making television began. Cable TV and all television channels in the world are moving to streaming over the Internet. The MIX.TV Internet address may be a big competitor to YOUTUBE.COM and TWITCH.TV. You can also make MIX.TV a platform for reselling cable TV channels worldwide via stream, similar to IPTV. See the examples: PLUTO.TV and YOUTUBE.TV. MIX.TV is a short name, easy to remember and type into the browser. This domain was reserved and predestined to be yours. Don\\\'t waste time, the value of this internet domain could triple in the future. Make your offer now through SEDO.COM\\\'s secure platform. SEDO.COM is a company based in the United States of America and Germany, this company has been the intermediary in the sale of internet domains since 2000 (Wikipedia). If you want to contact me directly, call me or send a message to the phone or email registered in the WHOIS of this domain. Type WHO.IS into the browser and type MIX.TV into the search box. It is also possible to rent this internet domain package for the value of 7,500 usd per month. To rent this internet domain package, please contact me directly. Remember if: \\\"A good internet address is like a store in Times Square.\\\" Edwy Bridi. My phone number in Brazil: +55-92-98414-2535

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