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Buy and Sell a .ie domain. Since 19 November 2016, it has been possible to buy and sell the right to use a .ie domain. This page explains the details behind it, how the process works and includes some FAQs. This is a wonderful opportunity for any lingerie retailer to acquire a brand that is memorable and powerful. "" gives any company an instant brand boost or recognition. The World Lingerie Retail Market is Now Valued at $28.57bn. Europe accounts for $11.67bn of the total figure, and North America for $7.93bn. Together, they have a combined share of 66.3% of the world total. The percentage share held by Asia is 20.4%, and the combined share of South America and the rest of the world is 13.3%. Examples for well-known brands/companies which acquired and actively use such domains are: Apple (,, Google (,,,, Microsoft (,, Yahoo! (, HP (, Instagram (, Bitly (, SocialFlow (, Maytag (, Mcafee (, Zynga (, Hasbro (, Gemalto (, Philips (, Petrobras (, Bemis (, Gannett Company (, Michelin (, Zoopla (, Nintendo (, Zulily Inc (, The Orvis Company (, Avanade Holdings (, Mmodal Services (, Youtube (, Netflix (, TIME Magazine (, Huffington Post (, NY Times (, iThemes (, Virgin Group (, Bill Gates (, Wordpress’s founder Matt Mullenweg (,,, Digg’s founder Kevin Rose (, (acquired by Yahoo!), (acquired by Yahoo!), (acquired by Google), (acquired by Google), (acquired by Quotidian Ventures), (acquired by, (acquired by, (acquired by Famous Industries), (acquired by, (acquired by,,, etc. and many others. While all of the aforementioned companies also hold the corresponding .com names (i.e.,,, etc.), it is worth mentioning that Microsoft redirects to the version, thus favoring the latter. They are easier to type. Given how popular mobile web navigation is now, keeping the domain names short is crucial. Apps may handle a lot of navigations, but if mobile users see a URL somewhere, they would have to type it in. Typing on mobile devices is not as easy as on desktops and laptops. These domains make it as convenient as possible for someone to type a URL. A shorter domain name also gives more versatility in mobile site design as it easily fits on a smaller screen. is Short, Descriptive, and Memorable Short, with only 8 letters total, versus the comparable dot com with 11 letters. it offers the ability to produce extremely short domain name that increase its relevance and memorability. It comes into its own when used in conjunction with SMS and Instant Messaging services, and especially Twitter with its 140-character limit on tweets. Descriptive, tells visitors exactly what to expect when they visit the website. Memorable, is easy for someone to remember, sounds familar to visitors (even if they have not visited the website before), and it can convey trust to prospective clients. Moreover, is easy to say out loud. If you’re in an interview or meeting and have to say your domain name, you don’t want to sound like you’re stumbling over yourself. Just try to say out loud. “c-h-r-dot-i-s.” Or possibly “chris, but with the dot before the i-s.” It’s much easier to say “Linger dot ie.” Finally, makes your website name sticky. It can establish your brand and help you get a relevant website name, without paying over the odds. It’s also a good way to let your customers know how clever and creative your organisation is. Some sales : sold to Infor for $100,000 sold to SocialFlow (owner of for $50,000 sold to Webtigo for $32,000 sold to Famous Industries, Inc. for $25,000 sold to Made Innovative for $25,000 sold to for $25,000 sold to Theorydot for $24,189 sold to Social Media Ltd for $22,050 sold to for $21,840 sold to Quotidian Ventures for $20,000 sold to for $20,000 sold to Kim Dotcom for $20,000 sold for $20,000 sold to Dailymotion for $17,000 sold for $16,000 sold to SocialFlow for $15,000 sold for $10,000 Domain hacks in action : Keep it fresh with Fridge and Google Mobile application to get real-time position Art workers of the Internet Design studio. Billboards for social media links by Yahoo The Daily Beast, a news and entertainment site. The Braini Academic, "self-paced online technology training." Live shows and Internet radio. The blog of a woman named Jessica in Key West Get Great Gifts. Service for addressing official movie websites. Fashions from the Past. Marketing. Virtual home of the artist Teresa Castaneda. Enviro Consultant Service. Domain search engine. Social software. Online art gallery

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