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BBQSTEAKHOUSE.COM is for sale. Place your bid or make an offer now. ​Buying BBQSTEAKHOUSE.COM could be very helpful to increase sales and revenue and attract more customers to your business, by linking the domain to your website and/or your own business. You have a mouth watering BBQ sauce recipe, you know the difference between a New York steak, a rib eye and high-end steak cuts. Your BBQ parties and events are the talk of the town. Now take it to the next level with the domain BBQSTEAKHOUSE.COM and consider BBQ Steak House as the best possible name for your own eating place. A name like BBQSTEAKHOUSE.COM is perfect for any city or country, whether it is Paris, Las Vegas, Sidney, Montreal, London, Buenos Aires or New York. The dot-com ending makes all the difference in the world and can easily be used at any location. BBQ and Steakhouse assures first page search results when using one or both KEY WORDS. Google returns 297.000.000 results for BBQ and 48.300.000 for Steakhouse! In case you are interested in the purchase of this top level domain, please make an offer or place a bid at sedo.While the outcome of an auction is always up in the air and the final winning bid might be hard to predict, here are confirmed sales, which may serve as guidance to interested buyers as to what other two word domains have fetched in the past: 2017: $125,000 Undeveloped 4/5/17 $67,000 Afternic 3/15/17 $49,600 Sedo 4/5/17 $32,000 RightOfTheDot/NameJet DBR 4/5/17 $31,500 Sedo 2/8/17 $25,000 Sedo 1/18/1 2016 $224,224 Sedo 4/27/16 $200,000 WebQuest 11/9/16 $168,000 Uniregistry 7/20/16 $150,000 Uniregistry 7/20/16 $150,000 Uniregistry 7/20/16 $120,000 Pvt Sale 3/3/16 $88,800 Uniregistry 7/27/16 $80,000 Pvt Sale 7/20/16 Domain Name: BBQSTEAKHOUSE.COM Registrar: GODADDY.COM, LLC Creation Date: 12-Jul-2008 Expiration Date: 12-Jul-2018 Free Transfer to your free Godaddy ( account. Please contact sedo if you have any question.

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