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Digitally profit from the analogue metropolis

As the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg enjoys an excellent reputation. Even abroad the "gate to the world" is a highly recognized city. Since the internet is an international village, a popular city name in the address generates a large number of visitors. Even if your page only has a small link to Hamburg, the name still numbers amongst the most melodic and trusted city names in Germany.

The .hamburg domain is an excellent solution for concrete Hamburg websites. Even maritime and tourist contents are easily connected to the charm of the Hansestadt - ideal for building bridges and establishing links!

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Brand-new and attractive: gTLDs give rise to new potential

The digital revolution forges ahead, this time with a small yet refined addition. Though internet addresses once ended with simple country codes, the introduction of the gTLD addresses allows for various additions. Regional references are particularly easy to establish. The great advantage of this is that with a .hamburg domain you avoid linguistic incertitude. This is because even in other languages "Hamburg" is easy to pronounce--particularly since there are no tricky umlauts.

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