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.RICH is the new and exclusive domain extension and status symbol on the internet for an elite circle of well-heeled personalities from the worlds of industry, art, fashion, sports and entertainment.

From 2014, all these, along with selected providers of top-quality services, luxury and lifestyle brands will be able to hit the scene in the exclusively protected .RICH namespace - guaranteeing impressive exposure for their lifestyle in the spotlight!

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The potential of .RICH

An exquisite group

The well-heeled stick together with .RICH - the allocation process of .RICH ensures that only a select circle of clients may register a .RICH domain. Managed personally by us, the namespace guarantees that both private individuals and companies can enjoy on the internet exactly the same exclusivity and attention that they are used to in their daily lives - thanks to .RICH.

Not only the domain itself, but also your personal email address linked to .RICH (e.g. [email protected]) will also make your .RICH domain a virtual luxury address in a unique chic location, to be noticed and admired by every one of your friends, acquaintances and business partners.


.RICH security

Thanks to their first-class security standards, .RICH domains provide comprehensive protection from unauthorized access by third parties.

For the very best protection of your private affairs, you can also employ an independent trustee as the administrator of your .RICH domain and so reliably shield your sensitive personal data. You and your private address can thus remain completely anonymous, should you so wish.

A .RICH domain means you are absolutely safe, as well - the technology partner we have selected is none other than Afilias, a company of renown and the second-largest registry service provider in the world. Afilias has been responsible for the domain extensions .org, .info, .mobi and .pro for years, as well as for numerous national extensions such as .in or .me. It administrates a total of more than 24 million domains, so you can be sure that your own .RICH domain is also in the best hands. It is a simple matter for you to register your desired domain with your choice of provider.

Success and noblesse oblige

.RICH gets to the point with social engagement.

A small contribution is often enough to have a really large effect: a promising project that cannot be realised without financial support or a family that cannot get out of the poverty trap on its own because of sickness or unemployment.

For every domain name registration with a .RICH extension, part of the revenues are donated to a charitable undertaking. As the registry operators of .RICH, we give every .RICH owner the opportunity of bringing to the attention of individuals and companies those projects that are particularly close to your heart and worthy of support.

At the moment we are in the process of gathering information - use the contact form to tell us which projects we should support! We are collecting suggestions and will present these for discussion and selection after the .RICH launch.

Contacting .RICH

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Are you rich and part of a circle of well-off personalities? Are you the provider of exclusive services or luxury and lifestyle brands and do you have any further questions about a .RICH domain?

Get in touch with us, we would be delighted to give you more details in person with a non-binding discussion of your options!

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