.PARTY - The new domain extension

Party is always a timeless and universal way of bringing people together to enjoy themselves, from the most intimate celebrations to the most elaborate events.

Why .PARTY TLD domain?

Organizing anything from children's birthdays to corporate events, or even finding reliable information about the best parties, venues or concerts can, however, present a significant challenge, which the internet has undoubtedly helped to overcome.

What is .PARTY TLD domain registry?

Parties are one of the most widespread and popular social and formal events in the world. In a fast-paced social and business environment, being able to find all the relevant party related information, goods and services wherever you are and whenever you want has become more essential than ever before.

As such, the importance of having a prompt and accessible party related space is vital for many people across the globe, and is something that the Internet and generic TLD such as this one have been able to greatly aid.

How to get your .PARTY TLD domain?

The .PARTY generic Top Level Domain (TLD) allows the individual in need of party information to find what they are after under a simple domain extension. The .PARTY generic Top Level Domain (TLD) serves as a reference point for all party related content.

Having the .PARTY generic TLD allows for access to the desired party related content to become simpler not only for those seeking it but also for the party companies themselves wishing to advertise their services. The generic TLD caters to the interests of all those in the party affinity group and allows them to be expressed on a common and secure virtual platform.

.Party Launch Info

Sunrise phase opens: Monday, 08 December 2014

Sunrise phase closes: Friday, 06 February 2015

Be the Life of the .PARTY

From corporate bashes to political discourse, .PARTY will keep the action going.

For Festivities

Celebration is a culturally universal ritual. From birthdays and lost teeth to promotions and weddings, people are always finding something to party about. For some, like wedding and party planners, and those in the party favor industry, .PARTY can be a great way to find customers and boost business. For everyone else, .PARTY is the perfect destination for wedding photos, lifestyle blogs, and everything else that gives us reason to rejoice.

.PARTY Politcs

For all the levity it often suggests, .PARTY could easily extend into the serious business of the political arena, as well. .PARTY domains could help build spaces in which people of common political interests could collaborate, discuss, and better inform others about their party's values and goals. State organizations could use .PARTY to create resources for people seeking to find local and national representatives who represent their beliefs. With innovation and creativity, there will be more political applications for .PARTY than there are attack ads on election day.

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