Change the world with .hiv

.hiv is the first and only social cause TLD to support and fund one single goal - the end of AIDS.

dotHIV is a charitable initiative that offers the opportunity for organizations, corporations and individuals to show their support and solidarity in seeing an AIDS free generation by engaging with people online in a unique and innovative way.

We utilize new developments in the digital space to create a platform for promoting HIV products, services and outreach, as well as raising awareness and fighting the stigma attached to HIV and AIDS globally.

With a .hiv domain name like prep.hiv and rapidtest.hiv your company or organization can blend your online activities with your Corporate Social Responsibility and be seen by your customers and supporters to not only be doing good but also leading your field in driving digital innovation and technology.

Every .hiv domain raises much needed funds to support global HIV outreach. dotHIV supports HIV and AIDS projects that commit themselves to better access to therapy. We seek to fund innovative projects all over the world that make use of information and communication technologies to boost their impact in the field of HIV and AIDS. One of these projects is we-actxforhope.hiv

As a charitable organization we receive our funding through the sale of .hiv domain names. On this occasion we are offering a high-quality selection of industry related domain names to leaders in the HIV movement and HIV medical market, including:

  • test.hiv
  • resources.hiv
  • action.hiv
  • about.hiv
  • health.hiv
  • info.hiv
  • treatment.hiv
  • drugs.hiv

All these domains offer the amazing opportunity to pinpoint direct marketing messages to the global community and increase your reach in a trusted and recognized online space. All revenues support the fundraising for our global HIV outreach.

The auction will commence on Tuesday 3rd March 2015 at 1500UTC. If you would like to be involved, then please register your interest below.

Thank you for your support and for working with us to see an AIDS Free generation!


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Learn more at click4life.hiv

Twitter: @dotHIV

Facebook: facebook.com/dothiv

Our tip:

A .hiv domain name is part of a broader domain name portfolio. Registrants are free to use it as they please, but are advised to simply redirect to the standard homepage. With this basic principle, .hiv-domains provide a second entry door to the usual web content, but enhance the surfing experience through the micro-donation.

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