The .green TLD is the Internet's new online home for green initiatives, the global green movement and the rapidly growing economy. Showcase your responsibility - buy your domain now!

Value through .green

  • As of May 2015, a search for the term Green showed more than 11 billion results.
  • April 2015: The Green Transition Scoreboard (GTS), which tracks private sustainability investments jumped to $6.2 trillion.*
  • Green Investment to reach $10 trillion, investing at least $1 trillion a year by 2020.*
  • 66% of Corporate Executives see sustainability as a competitive necessity.*
  • 79% of small businesses in the U.S. strongly agree that offering .green products and services gave their business a competitive advantage.*
  • 55% of global consumers willing to pay more for socially responsible products.**

Sustainable Brands: A New Purpose for an Old Metric: The Green Transition Record*

The Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility August 2013**


Benefits for your customers

  • A .green domain name seamlessly identifies your company and connects it with the Green Economy.
  • This simple, yet powerful tool for creating meaningful interaction between you and your customer reflects a new paradigm shift towards transparency and credibility.
  • By highlighting your .green sustainability initiatives via a .green domain name, your company has the opportunity to provide that needed shorthand connectivity and identity between your company and the consumer of your products.
  • By purchasing a .green you are giving back. The DotGreen Community donates a portion of its revenue to funding projects for sustainability through The DotGreen Foundation and EarthShare.

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