.DOWNLOAD - sharing is caring! A .DOWNLOAD web-address is ideal for individuals and companies alike who have something to share online whether it is software, music, movies or documents. A .DOWNLOAD domain name will provide an easy to remember address from which to access downloadable content.

Launch Schedule:

Sunrise phase opens: 15:00 UTC Thursday 4th June 2015

Sunrise phase closes: 15:00 UTC Monday 3rd August 2015

dot download: A trusted and dedicated web address

The Internet has revolutionised the availability and accessibility of information in a million ways, and is full of downloadable content, if you know where to look. Internet users now have access to a huge, ever-expanding accumulation of movies, music videos, video game content, books, reports, presentations and software... all available for download to be enjoyed when and wherever they wish.

For those offering content to end users, using a .DOWNLOAD web address provides a recognizable, trusted and dedicated web address where Internet users can easily locate and safely download your media.

An easily recognizable term in almost every language, a .DOWNLOAD web address will draw Internet traffic from millions of users wishing to download media, and will improve online searches result placement for relevant downloadable content. With a .DOWNLOAD web address, domain owners are easily able to differentiate themselves from others and to separate themselves from the inappropriate, exploitative and sometimes illegal enterprises flooding the Internet.

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