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The WWW is diversifying: Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) for the address of your choice

Are you seeking attractive and memorable internet addresses which can still be freely registered? New gTLDs are coming out every month – here is a list of the best new domain extensions.

.BID on anything!

A .bid domain instantly shows what the website is about: bidding, buying and trading!

Success in E-commerce with a .SHOP domain

The internet is a growth market in all areas. Online shops in particular are on the rise. Shopping conveniently from home on your PC or on the go with your smartphone - the modern world can no longer get by without it.

The .DIGITAL domain is suited for web projects from the IT industry

The .digital domain adds another meaningful extension to the top-level domains which were commonly used up to now. It is very well suited, for example, to media companies which also have a digital product line in addition to print products. A .digital domain is also an attractive solution for companies from the IT industry - above all when the ideal address is already taken among the existing TLDs.

The .GREEN premium domains!

The .green is the new symbol of the global sustainability movement.
Powered by the limitless potential of the Internet, we are moving green forward.

Your dream domain is available

It is particularly difficult to register free and catchy internet addresses with more traditional top level domains such as .COM or .NET.

The new domain extensions offer a viable alternative for attractive web addresses!

Memorable addresses

Short, catchy online addresses are easier to remember and will become well-known more quickly.

Thanks to the new gTLDs, you can avoid having to use cumbersome domain names.

Perfect for search engines

The new domain extensions categorize web contents by topic, branch or region – and thus make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

You website will be found more often, especially with local search queries.




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