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When Sedo was founded, we were a team of 5. Several years on, we are now a team of circa 150 people in 15 different teams with new ones added every year. Learn more about what our individual departments do below.

Outside Sales
The focus of our Outside Sales department is to drive new business to Sedo across all product lines. Our consultants are considered experts in the industry, who are relied upon for their business and market knowledge and understanding of domains.

Inside Sales
Members of our Inside Sales division concentrate their efforts on developing existing client relationships and accounts through a combination of sales and account management activities. Together with the client, they determine the appropriate strategy for an account and closely monitor account performance. This includes identifying what Sedo products best complement account strategies. The overall goal is to build lasting relationships with clients that work with Sedo time and time again.

Business Development
The focus of our Business Development team is to discover and develop new avenues for corporate and industry partnerships in order to grow Sedo’s business worldwide. The team develops relationships with registrars, registries and other providers in the online/ domain industry. In this way they ensure that our clients’ domains are also offered via our partner channels around the globe.

Sedo's Marketing department is charged with attracting global clientele with its targeted and interactive (predominantly online) marketing campaigns. Members of our Marketing team are committed to researching new outlets across all available media and developing advanced marketing strategies that highlight Sedo's advantages. This team’s focus is to promote Sedo through advertising, public relations, events and promotional partnerships worldwide.

Product Management
Our product management teams are responsible for further developing and enhancing Sedo’s already successful online marketplace and domain monetization (parking) services. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, marketing and sales, the team’s tasks range from collecting and assessing new product requests to developing detailed product road maps. They help guarantee that Sedo will continue to offer the most innovated marketplace and monetization services for years to come.

Project Management
When it comes to new ideas and technical developments, our internal Project Management team is there to guide the way. Our project managers are responsible for coordinating the technical project orders of our various departments with all involved participants. These range from smaller requests to larger, long-term projects. Members of this team are responsible for making sure that all the requirements and wishes for a given project are not only clearly defined and implementable, but also fulfilled.

Customer Care
The focus of Customer Care is to provide unequaled attention and service to our broad spectrum of clientele – from novices to experienced domainers located from Calgary to Beijing and everywhere in between! The Customer Care team is usually the first point of contact for our clients and serves as the nucleus of our organization, because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The objective is not only to assist existing clients with our products and services, but also to build client loyalty and retention.

Our Transfer team works to effectuate the timely and orderly transfer of domain ownership. After a sales agreement has been reached between two Sedo users, the domain is ready for transfer. Our specialists assist buyers and sellers in transferring the domain from one domain registrar account to another often across international borders. This strategic team is responsible for acting as a central point of communication externally and internally and works closely with our Legal, Accounting, Brokerage and Customer Care departments.

Security and Compliance
Our Security & Compliance team is responsible for maintaining the quality of the traffic generated via our services in addition to safeguarding against fraudulent activity on our marketplace. We take this vital service seriously, because the security of our clients’ transactions are at the center of our concerns. Our specialists are there to help uphold Sedo’s integrity and credibility.

As a player in the virtual world, Sedo’s services are based on our in-house developed applications and tools. That is why our Development teams play a central role in making sure that we provide the newest and most advanced services possible to our clients in an exciting high-performance environment. Our developers are responsible for optimizing and expanding the technology that exists behind our parking and marketplace services.

Our Finance teams handles all corporate and client oriented financial matters. The team’s responsibilities range from managing Sedo’s escrow services, handling client pay flow to the company’s finance and accounting needs.

Sedo’s Legal team is at the forefront of one of the most dynamic and evolutionary aspects of the law: intellectual property. In an industry that is constantly evolving, our Legal team is not only charged with protecting the rights of our users, but they also shape the laws and regulations for the domain industry as a whole.

Human Resources
Our Human Resources team manages a variety of functions ranging from recruiting, benefits administration, organizational growth initiatives, training and anything else that would affect the everyday environment of Sedo and its employees.

Office Management
Our Office Management team is charged with assisting every employee in all administrative and organizational matters relating to day-to-day business from ordering supplies and goodies to event planning and travel management. As the first face that our applicants, partners and clients see when visiting our offices, this team helps to start our business endeavors off on the right foot.

Our IT team is there to ensure that every employee at Sedo has access to a problem-free work station. Be it day to day trouble shooting with computers, maintaining our telephone system or planning and implementing long-term IT projects that prepare us for the technical demands of the future, IT is there to help.


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