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Areas of application for .tv domains

TV is an internationally used abbreviation for television. Accordingly, a .tv top-level domain is particularly well suited for websites associated with film and television. Those who maintain a blog on related subjects, for example films or technical aspects of television reception, could also benefit from a .tv domain. The .tv TLD itself makes it clear that your website offers content related to film and television.

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<link 263/>.co</link> <a href="t3://page?uid=231">.es</a> <a href="t3://page?uid=232">.eu</a>
<a href="t3://page?uid=263">.de</a> <a href="t3://page?uid=272">.tk</a> <a href="t3://page?uid=273">.to</a>
<a href="t3://page?uid=239">.us</a>    

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