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Advantages of the new ".jetzt" ending

Companies that specialize in news and reporting are particularly dependent on having a strong Internet presence because of the fast-moving nature of their content - and that presence starts with the domain name.

The new ".jetzt" gTLD accommodates this need, as it unites multiple attributes and characteristics that help to reach the desired target group.

  • Current, in real time: Phrases such as "gerade jetzt" ("right now") and "eben jetzt" ("just now") express the utmost in relevancy.
  • Urgency, sense of action: The phrase "jetzt sofort" ("right away") conveys a sense of dynamism, suggesting to the reader that immediate action is needed.
  • A fresh start: The phrases "von jetzt an" ("from now on") and "ab jetzt" ("starting now") imply a fresh start.

Important events and news are reported on TV that evening and in the newspapers the next day.

The Internet, though, is superior to all other media when it comes to distributing content in real time. Just minutes after an event occurs, up-to-date info portals tell readers about it. Information flows on the Internet at almost the same time that events take place in the world. The ".jetzt" ending is a perfect expression of this near simultaneity.

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