dot men: It's a men's world

It's fair to say that men and women are very different from each other. Men's interests traditionally encompass a broad range of well-known categories, such as: sport and entertainment; cars, boats, planes and motorcycles; sex and dating; style, men's fashion, male grooming and health and fitness... the list goes on and on.

With so many topics of global interest for men, there is an abundance of available content, and as worldwide Internet use has increased enormously over the past decade so has the online men's interest sector. A .MEN web address creates a perfect virtual shop window for the online men's interest sector, from which enterprises and like-minded consumers can access and promote the breadth of products and services on offer, improving search engine results and increasing website traffic.

A .MEN domain name is right for organisations, professionals and individuals from across the spectrum of markets relevant to the men's interest sector, publishers of men's magazines and other publications, producers of men's interest channels, brand owners of male grooming and other products, male communities others with a business interest in the sector and, of course, Men themselves.

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