Why .GDN?

gdn is a new generic extension that allows businesses and individuals to secure an additional domain name to represent their brands, products and services online and target their niche.

The .gdn extension stands for "Global Domain Name" and easy to remember. It works just like traditional domain names like .com, .net and .org and provides you with a competitive edge over your competition by allowing you to market your products and services with a keyword-specific URL for enhanced search ability.

This is an exciting opportunity for every business to expand their online presence and promote their company, products and services with most relevant domain names.

You might also be wondering, if every generic domain extension do same job, what's so unique about a gdn?

The reason is this:

A .gdn is more than just a domain extension! It comes with a Welcome Email Account and Emailing Software with,

  • Location based email targeting for potential clients
  • An unlimited sending option.
  • Email verifier, to improve email deliverability by scrubbing your lists of email contacts, and much more.

That helps you engage and contact your existing customers and also helps performing and managing marketing campaigns

Great news, you get all of this with NO additional cost!

This personalized domain name for your product or service helps establish enhanced credibility and builds trust among consumers. Since it provides immediate brand recognition online, extra miles on your web presence.

FIVE Reasons To Register .gdn Domain Name

  • Increase exposure for your brand
  • Expand your domain portfolio
  • Establish brand authority in your niche
  • Protect your brand name
  • Grow your online business

Don't miss out on the lucrative benefits of a .gdn extension for your business!

  • Personalized domain name for your products or services
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Build trust among consumersInstant brand and company recognition online
  • Improve your products and services web search ability
  • Complementary "Welcome" email account with email marketing software.

. GDN domain names can be registered in following IDN

  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Arabic
  • Japanese

Get a. gdn (Global Domain Name) product-related domain name for your online business to establish your brand as an authority in your niche.

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