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The Domain 5YFM.LOAN is available

The domain is still available and can be registered by you!

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  • Submit the brokerage application form including the domain you would like to acquire with your investment limit.
  • There is no upfront application fee, so you pay only for premium service. Your credit card will only be charged with a 69 USD brokerage retention fee if your brokerage application is accepted. Please see our price list for the commission fee. Please Note, our fee of 15% will be in addition to your maximum budget if we are successful in acquiring the domain name on your behalf.

Application Review

  • A broker will carefully review your application, including your investment limit and the domain’s history, responding to your request within two business days.
  • Requests with a low probability of success will be declined; in this case the retention fee will not be assessed.


  • When your application is approved, you will be required to pay the 69 EUR brokerage retention fee.
  • Your broker will begin efforts to establish contact with the owner, keeping your identity anonymous.
  • During negotiations, updates will be provided as progress is made. You will be contacted for further consultation, should the broker determine a higher investment limit is necessary to secure the domain.

Domain Transfer

  • When a sales agreement is reached, Sedo’s transfer agents ensure a quick and secure change of ownership.
  • The buyer will be required to submit payment for the domain plus the 10% brokerage fee. The payment is held in Sedo’s escrow account and will be released to the seller upon completion of the transfer.*

*Sedo records and publishes the sale price and domain name only. Sedo does not release personal information of the buyer or seller to public record. If either party requests a block of price and domain name record, a 2.5% fee will be assessed to the party requesting the block.

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