Keyword Selection Policy


Sedo's Keyword Selection Policy was designed to help users make informed decisions when choosing a keyword for their parked domain name. Sedo's terms of use prohibit the use of keywords that are irrelevant to the subject matter of the domain or that may cause a domain to display content that may infringe the rights of a third party. These rights include, but are not limited to, trademarks, copyrights, publicity rights, unfair competition, etc. In particular, Sedo takes allegations of trademark infringement very seriously. We work to balance the competing interests of legitimate domain owners and third party intellectual property owners. Sedo investigates all matters raised by trademark owners through our Rights Protection Program.

Keyword Selection and Parked Pages

When a Sedo user enters a new domain into Sedo’s Parking Program, he may manually choose a suitable and appropriately associated keyword via the "Parking" page of the user's account. Once a related keyword has been entered in connection with a domain name, Sedo displays relevant advertisements based on the keyword. Sedo does not maintain any control of the specific advertisements or links provided by our advertising partners and the advertisements displayed are subject to change each time a parked page is viewed.

Keyword Relevancy

The most important factor in keyword selection is relevancy. A domain name paired with an irrelevant keyword will deliver content that is not targeted to the subject matter of that domain. It is against Sedo’s terms of use to submit keywords that would generate advertisements that are unrelated to the subject matter of the domain name. Sedo maintains the right to review any and all keyword submissions for relevancy and violating this policy can result in the suspension of your user account and deletion of any accumulated click balance. Sedo reserves the right to deny any keywords and to disable domain parking for any specific domain(s) at its sole discretion. For example, if the domain name is, the keywords could be bicycle, bike riding, or outdoor sports. An inappropriate keyword would be computer parts, because computer parts have no relation to bicycle.

Trademarks as Keywords

Trademark law is designed to protect consumers from confusing and misleading use of the words and images businesses use to identify products to their customers. Sedo prohibits the use of trademarked terms as keywords or keywords that would produce infringing advertisements when paired with a domain name. Only words and terms in their generic or descriptive sense may be used as a keyword for a domain parked with Sedo. For example, if the domain name is, an inappropriate keyword would be SCHWINN, because SCHWINN is the federally registered trademark of the Schwinn Bicycle Company. As stated in the above paragraph, appropriate keywords would be bicycle, bike riding, or outdoor sports. If there are no relevant keywords that would produce non-infringing content, the domain name may not be parked with Sedo's services.

Users are solely responsible for the advertisements displayed on their domain names. Before choosing a keyword, Sedo strongly suggests performing a search of all relevant trademark databases because trademarks are protected in every country throughout the world. Please visit our new domain law section for helpful links and more information regarding domain names and trademarks.