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Most potential domain buyers are end users searching for a name at their preferred registrars. As the world's largest domain distribution network, SedoMLS multiplies a single domain listing and places it in front of millions of potential buyers worldwide. Our network boasts more partners and support for more TLDs than any other, so you’re sure to connect with the right buyer, wherever they’re located.

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Where do my domains need to be registered to qualify for SedoMLS Premium?
At any partner with Seller Side Support. Read more

At what additional places do my domains show up once I’ve activated SedoMLS Premium?
At any partner with Premium Promotion Support. Read more

Why choose SedoMLS?

  • More sales: Our global distribution gets you more leads, and so more sales.
  • Faster sales: With SedoMLS Premium, domain transfers happen instantly.
  • Easier sales: Just set a Buy Now price and activate SedoMLS Premium. We also check to make sure you never sell a domain you no longer own.


  1. What if my registrar is not part of SedoMLS Premium. Read more
  2. Why do domains sold via SedoMLS have 20% commissions instead of 15%? Read more
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Want to know more about the benefits of SedoMLS Premium?

Let Simonetta Batteiger, Sedo’s Product Manager for SedoMLS, tell you a little more.